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  • How do I register for new questions and answers?
    Please refer to the following procedure to register a new FAQ item. Click 'Manage FAQ' button Click the 'Add' button on the site dashboard and select the 'Q&A' option Categorize questions and answers Save and Publish You can edit the FAQ entries and change the order and categories at any time.
  • Can I add an image, video or GIF file to the FAQ?
    You can! To add an image or video, please refer to the following steps. Go to app settings page Click 'Manage FAQ' Add or select the question you want to add media to Click the video, image or GIF icon after editing your answer Add the saved media to the library and click Save
  • How to edit or delete the "FAQ" heading?
    You can edit the FAQ title in the app settings tab. To make the title private, set the title to private in the 'Information to display' section.
  • Is it possible to install it with the PC we were using or the beam projector?
    Yes, high-end PCs and projectors can be used, but in that case, only S/W and programs can be purchased separately.
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